It’s only the 50%

I was wondering if the nice guy from the camera shop would help me out again.
I bought I small good quality Nikon camera nearly a year ago. First it was something to do with a connection now is with the panel. He always came across as a very helpful talkative person. After dealing with our matter he then asked about my bike.
I walked intro the shop with my new bike (see it here) and the first think he did was to feel how light it was.
After a small chat about price and materials etc… He looked at me and pointing out on the street he said “you see I recently bought a bike too”
He added that after a while traveling in the bus and getting bigger, he thought that jumping on I bike will reduced his tommy to the six packs required to enter “the club of the normal person” or “you are not fat anymore”
The truth is, he added “that I didn’t loose too much”
The truth is that you are on the right path, I replied.
I added, you see, for many years I asked myself the same question and I saw lots of people eating crag while being thin and apparently healthy.
Now after many years gaining and loosing fat I know now that my body type, as my new friends body type, it’s the more efficient one. We put on fat or muscle depending of what we do. So training, start using the bike instead of the bus, it’s only 50% of the way.
The best thing of all of this is that the determination, the decision for change it’s already there. Now we only need to have a goal an aim, to focus on and keep our self motivated.


2 thoughts on “It’s only the 50%

  1. … others would say that diet makes 80% of your health and exercise the other 20%… Food might even be the most important factor to maintain a lean and healthy body. I am now in the midst of following the paleo diet or primal life style as close as possible. The results after 4 weeks are extraordinary, weight loss, mood lifted, energy levels more predictable and manageable, and in general new discoveries about how to play with healthy ingredients yet come up with yummy meals. Mark Sisson has been my inspiration so far but I am sure there are others that promote this concept: let me know your thoughts


    • I totally I agree, I have been on a kind of primal live stile for months. And if i have ever own anything to live, is my mood. People often asked me how can they be as Happy as I am, and free of illness. Well the answer is clear. EAT clean, green, marine, and fresh. No nasties, or chemicals and smile everyday. Keep exercise as part of your lifestyle, and avoid process food, we never needed them, starting from cereals, Kellogg’s, type, etc……
      So yes Bro IVAN carry on, life will be much better.
      One of my colleagues at work its a keen bodybuilder and he started a primal diet not long ago, and he is feeling the powder…..keep reading


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