Climbing outdoors

This is El Turon in Malaga province. This is “La Sierra de las Nieves” in the south of Spain. At this climbing venue you will find a very well protected and incredible good quality rock climbing.
Will tick all the boxes for your climbing trip-experience. Remote, tranquil, great access, multi pitche routes, good anchors and excellent rock, and the weather, of course.
It’s only a short ride from famous Ronda, and not far of even more famous “el chorro”.

A great thing of climbing outdoors is that even when you think you can climb, and you have been doing it for a while or for years, it’s always an adventure. Adventure for the mind, and the body and the memories after the experience, stick to your live and become part of your inner self.
After many years of climbing outdoors, and after been indoor climbing most of this year, to go outdoors is a necessity and an essential part of my training.
In a week time I’ll be in the Alps and from there I will know how ready I am for my next adventure. Going to the mountains, throwing yourself to the wild, taking your skin away, feeling naked against the vast mass of vegetation, the glaciers and the ancients rocks surrounding you, it’s a blast.
I cant wait to feel like minuscule in the vast ocean above the clouds.
Keep reading and smiling.


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