My blood pressure

So I change address and then you have to start again in a new GP.
So I went down the GP clinic and after filling out another questioner, they took my Blood Pressure, which it was 124-70, and my heart rate 52.
After reading all my questions the assistant in the GP, asked me twice why I don’t drink or Smoke. What I gather from her puzzled face, it’s that unfortunately people are not normal anymore. And what I meant by normal is that you don’t inhale and artificial nasty stuff that doesn’t do any good to you or to the people around you. Smoking it’s not kool anymore.
And in Britain, the culture of drinking it’s a big thing, so the woman must be thinking now that I don’t go out at night, and that I am boring, because I don´t drink. On the contrary, I love partying, and I am always the one having more fun and the last one standing.
Anyway going back to the Blood Pressure, its a good indicator of your health status and everyone should know what the numbers means.Most adults in the UK have blood pressure readings in the range from 120 over 80, the higher the number is, the higher your risk of health problems.
So a quick and simple explanation in the Video Below
Keep reading and Smiling, now I’m going Climbing

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