My favourite Sport on the street

I finished my shift. I worked from 9:30 am till 7:30am when a kind colleague took my position driving the Rescue Unit.
At my station we have 2 fire tracks, 2 appliances how the call it at London Fire Brigade.
So after a great day work and having to pass near the west end I had to stop for a coffee and perform my favourite street exercise, watch people.
So many people so different so great. Old Compton street corner with Frith st W1. There is a Nero Cafe and lost of happy male couple around, all very friendly.
Just now a guy on a bike had his face covered with red lights. You could only see his eyes. A lady wearing sunglasses and a swimming wear followed by another 12 or 13.

Blue shoes, red shoes, people on bikes, the poor guy walking up and down with leaflets, another groupe looking for fun, taxi after taxi the ambulance, hoods cups, hats and even a lorry. Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, polish, Spanish, and English of course are the sounds of the masses here today.
The list is endless and the variety of the fauna interesting.
The beauty is, that we all live in the same city and see the same things and we are all different. Respect and more respect is what this world needs and to me you can see and hear this right here in the West-end.


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