CERN a place for reunion


500 collisions per second is the amount of pictures that takes Atlas at CERN.
CERN is and agency finance by 20 countries where ideas and experiments are taking place.
There are 1.000 categories of collisions and growing.
Two apples collisions create a water melon much bigger in mass. That what the Italian physicist, our guide today, is telling us as a comparison to understand what their job is at CERN.
The blue pipe outside the globe, is the magnet conducting the particles. They are like the rails for a train.
In Atlas 40 millions collisions per seconds occurs and they are here to study the reactions of those particles and learn from them.
The particles that bends are less powerful than the ones that goes straight. One of them is the neutrino a very special one.
Our body produces 2000 neutrinos per second, and we know so little about it.
Atlas can not see neutrinos but indirectly can noticed that the energy levels has changed so more likely is a neutrino that was there.
Atlas, what is Atlas? It’s one of the 4 places at the 27 kilometres ring, where the capture the reactions of the collisions.
CERN has 2600 members of staff only and only 100 physicist in Geneve. The rest of them around 10.000 are outside CERN, and that’s one of the reasons why they created the World Wide Web. Internet was created for this purpose. Yes they did, together with many more advances for our society. Like the SC scanner and various other machines that we use in hospitals.

Together with the 20 countries there are 175 institutions with 3000 members and 1000 phd students all cooperating in this massive international peaceful organisation.
At CERN all creeds and faiths are allow and colour and gender. We can work together with the same aims and goals.

Some people being working forward the first collision in 2009 for 20 years,so it was a big moment for them and the world.
The collisions are always at 4 TeV and the result is always different.
Two muons and 2 electrons Were Created ones and the study of the reactions still going on.
All particles should have a mass so there is a field in the universe and we interchange energy with it.
So let’s experiment, and then Higgs boson shows the 1964 paper so hoping to finding some experiments resolution to change the model. The standard model is dead and The Higgs theory proofed,was the las piece of the puzzle.
The bean is so small and powerful that it goes of track it could cause a lot of damage. It travels like a TGV 150km and faster, so a derailing of the bean could be catastrophic.
Anyway those are some fact and figures of the amazing place that CERN is.
The visit is free and you can also do another two visits on your own, which are also free

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