London a world within a world

There are a sea of clouds and a sea of lights. The east end looks like the past and the future at the same time. The Olympics and Paralympic games are finished and people,s lives around Stratford haven’t changed at all. Or maybe they felt the Center of the world for a few days after years of constructions and preparations for London 2012.


The idea of the games on your doorsteap sounds very appealing and glamorous, just like London. However the realities of those living around the site, are not what they all promised.No many people got a job because of the Olympics, not many peoples changed their livelihood for a better one.
Both events lasted less than 2 moths in total, and the only real change will be have seen is around the canals of the Olympic site. The regeneration of the area was trully amazing and the new spaces created for everyone are going to be enjoyed by more the locals. Those that see their lives going pass over looking the skyscrapers far away in the isle of dogs, where another world within this world really is a fact. Even the construction of the streets around the Bussines hub is mirroring the straight streets and avenues of manhattan in new York.
In this world of money, influences and promotion for a better job, doesn’t matter who lives on the other side, as we are all just numbers for those working the way up to succes and slavery just for the money. I wish one day we should all fight like that for a better world for everyone, not just for the one at the top of the floor 45 overlooking everyone and feeling lonely. We are humans and we need each other even to make money.
From my plane to the mountains, high up on the sky thinking in all of you below me.
We are all the same, peace and love.
Keep reading and Be safe and sound.

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