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I am Climbing in Chamonix and when the rain arrived,  I went to buy the new Alpine Up at Snell Sports.

Get all the Alpine Up info by clicking here    And see some pictures, and videos of my trip clicking here with PUNKT

The ALPINE UP is the most complete and versatile belay/abseil device ever produced. Has been developed especially for mountaineering. It can be used with half or twin ropes ø 7.7 ÷ 9 mm,and single rope ø 8.9 ÷ 10.5 mm.

The new and revolutionary belay device

I went to Snell Sports and the sold me the device used, and without any instructions or package.
The sales rep didn’t say anything and just before I was going to pay I asked him if he could give me a new one. This is obviously the one you had on display, I said to him.

He told me that it was the last one and that if I didn’t want it was fine. The device was already in the bag. I asked him if he is allowed to sell without instructions? He said no, I can’t.
I only took it because I already know more o less how to use it and I know I will practice lots before I use it for real, and it’s not easy to buy as is new release.

The shopping and the shop

My point is that such a new device with so many different ways of using it, it could lead into a disaster with someone else. I’m a rescue specialist from and I worked as a mountain guide for many years so I won’t have a problem.

I will recommend Snell Sport to anyone, I know this could only be one small mistake, however they are professional, and they will always give you good advice.

Always get your gear with the instructions and don’t do like I did, unless you know exactly what you are getting.
I just downloaded the instructions and a video.
Climb safe and enjoy

On my way back to Genève, I stopped by Climbing Technologies in France and I spoke with them. They took my device and gave me a brand new one. The following day, they went to speak with the shop to clarify the issue, as they may have sold me the DEMO device, which it was given for free by Climbing Technologies.

I spent a good 5 min learning from them on how to use the device. Shortly I will post my findings and experiences with the Alpine Up.

Location on the Map


Train in the ground before leaving it

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