One day to go

Tomorrow we fly over the other side of the world. Ana and myself are very exited about this trip and the games.
Today after my night shift I handed out a few A4s to the local shops and cafes at lively Exmouth Market. I wanted to share this page and also see of anyone is generous to give something to the charities I’m supporting. On the A4 I also informed them that we will have and open day on the 17th of November, Saturday at Clerkenwell fire station here in EC1, in which you are all invaded.

So I went down the main street and talked to the lovely people around exmouth market, Brill, The Caravan, Nero, Strada, Sweet, bicho, to name a few. And of course with the food stools where every week day including Saturdays they feed the workers around this part of London.

This seems to me as an act that closes my circle. The one I started when I decided to write and post this blog.
The main idea of it, was to motivate me and inform you of the close relationship we firefighters, have with sport, and how sometimes an aim will trigger changes in your life.
I feel that I achieved both objective. However that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing. Because this writing has help me to meditate, take things slow and improve my English.
So what’s next? Well I’ll be posting from Australia and New Zealand, so keep looking or subscribe and you’ll get my next piece straight in your in-box.
Keep smiling life doesn’t last forever. Enjoy everyday to the fullest.



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