Flavours, Colours, People and The Petronas Towers

There are a limited number of tickets to visit the towers.The visits last for 45 min and it cost 80RM each. Every day 960 people visit the Towers.



There are differents times slots, and in October the best time to see day and night is around 6:00pm. We have the tickects for 6:15, and the groupe is form of 40 people. 20 on each lift to floor 41, where the bridge is and then to the floor 81, where we steped out of the lift to get into a smaller one taking us to floor 86, 452 metres avobe te ground.
The view is magnificent, and the construction of the towers makes them very impresive. I dont know but it seems to me that this is a contest in between east and west, in between the islamic world and the catholic one. I dont know but we are amazing humans and together we proof to do incredible
stuff, even to kill each other for our fate.


It is very obtentous, with a shoping mall inside full of expensive brands trying to sell you everything posible to make you divine, because you deserve the best, and the best its to look great, and proof to everybody that you are above them because you wear Armani jeans, your wallet its LV and your handbag is gucci.
Well youll pay the price o fame,the price for this nonsence of adding worthless stuff to the ones you already own in your house.
Feeling great its not about the look or the handbag, its not even about how much you have in the bank or how expensive its your watch. You need to feel your inerself and consecuently you wont be letting yourself spending silly amounts of money for stuff that you dont need to be someone else.
Anyway, we had a great time . The markets and the vive of the city its wort exploring. Go to the aley ways where the locals go, and taste the real food from the local shops.
We will recomend a few places to visit in afuture post.
Folks tomorrow we will be in Sydney getting ready for the competition on Friday.





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