Today it’s my B’Day



Today it’s my birthday and I feel
Better than ever.
Although things in life doesn’t go
as you predict them, life carries on and we could get lost in the way.
I’m 40 and that I like. I like the number 4 and with the years you become more positive about the outcome of all you do. Al least I do. Wiser, understandable and focus its how I feel.
Today I celebrate a all private party in which my family from over here made my day.
My niece and nephew make me happy every second I spend with them and having my brother around and my sister it’s fantastic.
Competition ways, we hit the climbing wall to do one of the last trainings sessions before Saturday.
Another good thing about becoming 40 is that I’ll be competing in the braquet 40-100.
Tomorrow last day of training before Saturday.
Not long to go to new Zealand.

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