Let’s the Games begin

It was a bright radiant day. Sydney has been good weather-wise with us. Around 28 Celsius today.

After a morning feeling sick, I am almost recovered, after a two hours siesta. Ana and I took our 4 year old nephew Oscar, and went to the open sea whale watching. For me the 4 hours round trip, was reduced to only 2. The others two i was sick in the deck feeling sorry for myself, and hoping to recover by tomorrow competition day.
Now I feel 80% fine and I now with a good night sleep ill be 100% tomorrow morning.
Today we went to meet our friends colleagues and competitors from all over the world, and we walked on darling harbour with the union jack. We gather around with the London bowling team, all of the retired from the LFB, and we had a good time.
After listening the Ozzy country music we went back home to rest for the early wake up.
We have to be at the climbing wall at 9:00. It has been a long journey to be here with this level of fitness and tomorrow we will give our best shot.
Ill be posting more over the weekend, hopefully with some medals pictures.









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