Hello Sydney World Firefighters Games Participants

2012 Sydney World Firefighters Games are finished and We had a great time proudly representing our Brigades. Next one in Los Angeles.

October 19-28 2012

In aid of the Burns Unit at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

We just had this lovely email and I wanted to share it with you all……

Hello Sydney World Firefighters Games Participants,

Now that you’re home safely I would like to express my warmest thanks for the part you played in making the Games the success they were.

I realize what a long journey Sydney is for most of you, but I’m sure your recent visit proved it’s a really worthwhile one. And from the city’s enthusiastic welcome, it loved hosting your visit.

The announcement of Los Angeles as the Next Host City means the World Firefighters Games will transfer from one of the world’s premier cities to another of the hottest tourist destinations in the world in 2014.

With almost 45 million visitors each year and a roll-call of some of the world’s most popular attractions, LA is well placed to host an extraordinary World Firefighters Games that will attract thousands from every corner of the world – and we hope you’ll be one of them again.

The success of Sydney and the 2014 Games being held in LA further reinforces the World Firefighters Games as the premier global event celebrating the camaraderie, heroism, health, fitness and spirit of the men and women who work and volunteer in one of the world’s most respected professions.

Once again, thank you for your participation in the Games, I really appreciate it and look forward to welcoming you to Los Angeles in 2014.

If you have feedback about how to make the Games even better in 2014 please send your thoughts to ops@wfgevents.com

Yours sincerely

Greg Hough
CEO, World Firefighters Games

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