1st night before the 24 hours rollerblading in Calafat

We arrived at the circuit well in advance. Actually a whole day in advance.
This is the first time that we do something like this. An event in which not only your fitness is important but also your mind.
It’s part of the deal. The Tarmac here is wide and smooth. The 8 conners left and 7 rights are challenging at 25miles an hour but what it is really challenging is to keep going day and night.

Saturday will be a hot day reaching 31 announced the weather forecast.
It’s 23:12 and we had just finished dinner when Tim came to
Speak with us.
Ester and Tim had arrived jut today from England. They are leaving on Sunday. So for them this is just a very different weekend. It is in fact an adventure. This is how Tim describes this weekend.
They have a small tent and a rented car. No lovely sleeping bags and matters, no chairs or tables, no lights or cooking gear. They just have beers. What else you need Tim is asking me.
For me this weekend is going to be a very important landmark in my training as week as a good kick off to th rest of the year.
For Tim it’s just a fun weekend in which he’s more interesting in enjoining every minute of it than anything else.
You are the only person rising or lowering your bar. The bar of your commitment, the bar of your enjoyment.
I wouldn’t be here if I were Tim as someone else wouldn’t be here if they were me. It’s just the approach and the goal.
Mine it’s to come back to training and starts training year and that’s more than enough reason to race for 24 hours don’t you agree?

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