Starting my training for 2014 Los Angeles WFG

niko BAniko stop inline

Aerobics activities are all good to improve our general fitness. My friend Ramiro, from Tribu roller, called me a few moths ago telling me his idea of fitness. A 24 Hours race in a Motorbike circuit in Tarragona Spain in Summer.

logo london firefighters

This is the race 24 hours In Line skating in Tarragona Spain

So I join him and the B team, I haven’t been training that much. One of the most important things in doing stuff it’s actually taking action. This time I will be roller balding for 24 hours because a good friend of mine told me to. Probably I wouldn’t be leaving my home now to join the race tomorrow, if he would have called me. I’ll do it for me but also from him, thanks Ramiro.20121020-173247.jpg  Nearly a couple of years ago we started a journey to end up winning 4 medals for London Fire Brigade. 2 golds and 2 bronze. We never have a recognition by our brigade or anyone within the organization, we never wanted one. They are probably unaware

that we, firefighters gather in these meeting just because we like to be in touch and if we can get fit in the process even better.

So don’t worry if whatever you do don’t get reconciled, do it because you feel it deep inside you, always give your 100% and in the way is the essence of the journey.

For the World Fire Games 2014 in Los Angeles, the way is starting right here in line skating for 24 hours.


2 thoughts on “Starting my training for 2014 Los Angeles WFG

  1. Wow! This sounds like a great action plan. And a very exciting prospect.
    I can’t believe it’s that time already. Last year you did a great job- winning the Gold medals despite hurdles along the way. This year it will be equally as intense and exciting.
    So strap up, and away you go!! All the best Mr Bombero.


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