Living to the fullest

Living to the fullest

@Ana_aranda_ and @nikofire at Greenpeace camps sharing life experiences

I was just texting with a friend a colleague a firefighter from head to toe, a great person, and “Living life to the fullest” is his quote.
Lost of thinks could be happening in your life right now, but the one and single more important thing you should be doing is living your life, to the fullest whatever your circumstances are.

We should be committed with our shelves more anybody, and for me there is only one way of being in this planet and this is living Life to the fullest.

The way we managed our time, the way we eat and rest and the way we exercise, have a direct implication in the people surrounding us. As a firefighter we work in a tie group with a routine that make us what we are. My friend Coops, its a prime example of discipline, self motivation and energy as well as a professional firefighter. And he always wears a fantastic smile.
He is an inspiration to everyone around him.
Thanks coops for reminding me of how I live my life. You are always in my hearth.

(Ricky is my colleague from A27 Clerkenwell, and I miss him and the rest of the troops every single day)


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