London under Strike LFB

This is my personal window to the world and Now its time to say out-laugh, what is happening in London with the Fire Brigade. LFB

The Fire Brigades Union is balloting its members to take national strike action over the reforms to the Firefighters’ Pension Scheme. This is another attack in one of the biggest  Fire Brigades in the World. Politicians have it clear on their mind, they want to break us a part and make us a private company.

Firefighter have it clear, we want to work to protect and help YOU citizens.

Clicking here you can read the reasons for Voting YES to a possible Strike Action

Here its a video of the last issue we had with the authority.

The london fire brigade it was the first professional fire service in the world. It has been a brigade with loyal firefighters and a great Union working  together to make London a safer City.

Financial crisis and other excuses are used to wreck the service low people´s moral and make London a LESS safe city. Now in London we have 20% fewer trucks and equipment to help YOU.

Clicking here you can read and watch the latest news of how London will be protected in case of a strike from ITV News. 

Below is the Video from Matt Wrack, Union General Secretary, explaining the reasons of how the  pension scheme  works for Firefighters and the Fire Service

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