A very personal race

Most of you my colleges, my sisters and brothers from the London Fire Brigade specially my family at A27 Clerkenwell (we love you),  know exactly what we have been trough. Without you it would have been much harder, you are always in our hearts.
Cancer, even if it doesn’t kill, you will defiantly change your life.
However you have always the Choice. The choice of how it this going to affect you, change you, kill you alive.
Ana is an athlete and I am a firefighter. So we never surrender, we fight for our goals, we move, we are always, always moving. We love each other and we know how important motivation, aims and goals are in any race.
This time we are racing and winning.

Ana is felling stronger and stronger every day. In fact she will be running 5K the 20th of October. This is her second goal for this year so far.
Her first one was to climb 400 metres wall in the Pyrenees range, reaching the summit of Renclusa a 3000 metres peak. Although it was tough she made it and now she has a new challenge, to run 5K in an amazing women race in her home town.

And she is launching a project “my hair for you” with her friend Maria José Pueyo


This is another beautiful and amazing story of solidarity and Love about Breast Cancer
Ana Won gold medal for the London Fire Brigade in 2012 Sydney World Fire Games, and now its recovering to compete in Los Angeles 2014, she is an amazing person and my love.
We had the hardest time of our lives and we love each other even more now.

“My hair for you” is a charity project for breast cancer. María José Pueyo, Olympic athlete in Beijing 2008, it will cut her hair n October 20 on The Women race in Zaragoza 2013.
It all started when her friend lost her hair as a result of chemotherapy treatment which was following to combat breast cancer. In this way Maria José wants to show solidarity with her ​​and all the women in her situation, and also raise funds to support the association “Sonrie a la Vida” Smile to life.
This association provides support and personal guidance to people suffering from cancer, to enhance self-esteem, overcoming the effects caused by the disease and learn to look more in line with what we are.

And you dare?
We challenge you to cut your hair with Maria Jose and help spread this cause.
Your hair for them.

Maria José Pueyo Blog http://mjpueyo.blogspot.com.es/

Video produced by Sabika Design http://www.sabikadesign.com

The video has English subtitles, don´t forget to switch them on.

You can make your donation in http://www.deportistassolidarios.org/retos/mi_pelo_por_ti

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