A kiss to remember

We were 3.000m above the sea level, we just climbed a 400m route, walked for nearly 2 hours to get to the bottom of the wall, and we had energy to spend it like this.
I don’t even remember kissing with this intensity, as I perceived from the snap. But we always do. We use intensity in all of our actions and love.
We love what we do, we train, prepare and focus in the task ahead and then we enjoy it, we always do.
This climb in Pico Renclusa in the heart of the Pirineos, was Ana’s first main objective to start her recovering process after all those months is solitude, pain and desperation.

The storm was coming and we didn’t want to wait on that ridge any longer. After that we rappel 30 metres walked down a very loose and steep gully and walked nearly 2 hours to get back to the car.
The rain and the storm did come, but we were safe near Refugio La Renglusa (refuge) well sheltered and dry. That was one of those days to remember. Thanks Chechu for the snap. Be safe and sound people.

This is a Video from that day made By ChechuFilms

ESPOLON PICAPIEDRA , LA PELICULA from chechu Arribas Carazo on Vimeo.

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