We all influence each others

I still remember the first time I heard about Eva. She was  interviewed by the main Climbing mag in Spain, Desnivel. After 10 years of climbing she was progressing very well. Her first 8a “One Ticket to Kentucky” 5.13b, was only the beginning of her climbing career. She is now a professional climbing coach and aalthough she was injure for over a year, she just climbed a 8c+/5.14c. You can read about it in the link below.

Eva López Bolts and Sends Potemkin 8c+/5.14c

Eva on Potemkin, 8c+/5.14c. Photo by Javi Pec.

Eva on Potemkin, 8c+/5.14c. Photo by Javi Pec.

She doesn’t know but her honesty and her way of approaching climbing has been inspirational for me. When she writes an article, or does and study with us COBAYAS, guiena-pigs, its all about excellence, aim, objectives and perseverance. I have learnt lots reading and following Eva and she is one of the pros out there inspiring me.

I have to mention Neil Gresham too. He is a very humble and honest guy, that did crazy climbs, with a high E number like Equilibrium (E10 7a)  Peak District, Indian Face E9 6c…..and the grade, near Sheffield. (Hard Grit, its an amazing film about dedication and motivational.)

I was lucky to met him many years ago, and keep in contact since them. He helped me a few years ago to get my confidence back after only a 1:30 hours session. He runs  a great Coaching academy in the UK, and his manners and his smile always make me happy.

Video talking on BBC about DWS

If you climb with Brits, and drink with them, you’ll understand how you can get all the motivation and strength you need from those boring looking rocks, as some people once said. (Actually these people haven´t got a clue about British Climbing)

For instance, our game its different in the Peak district, and there is a lost of very good climbs to proof yourself.

I also remember having a conversation with Legend Johnny Dawes, at The Castle Climbing Centre in London. http://www.castle-climbing.co.uk/

He said, there are much more people climbing in our days, but no lots of them really climbs anymore. He was referring for instance to Indian Face which has only been repeated 3 or 4 times when we had this conversation, since he climbed it for the first time, many years ago.

North Wales

So from here I´d like to thanks all of YOU 3. Muchas GRACIAS

Clicking here you can watch Neil´s new line in Wales, 



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