Utebo Duathlon time, training to perform


Today is ¨Duathlon Day¨. Bike is ready and shoes are too.

I have promoted the Has-tag #BeYourBest on my twitter account @nikofire, for a couple of months, and tomorrow is one of those days we will be proving what Be Your Best means.

This is just a quick video of a training session with Ana Revilla (2013 Spain X’terra 1st female 30’34) and Ana Aranda.
Ana Revilla helps Ana Aranda in her first ever Duathlon and in the video you will see the transition training day.

I am going to include Ana Aranda in this blog more often as she was part of the LFB Team in Sydney 2012, winning 2 of the 4 medals. You can read it by clicking here, ¨We won 4 medals¨
Ana started her training with an amazing project, My hair for You. You can read it by clicking here
She is also a great inspiration and motivation for me. You can follow her on twiiter @Ana_ArandaCeli

A year ago she was fighting, and one year on she is BACK. We call her RUNFIGHTER.

LFB A27 Clerkenwell green Watch is here with us, always is, always will.

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