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This information needs to get out into the public domain. So please read and share!!

We, the public of London have been told over and over by those in the know that during the ongoing industrial action by firefighters there is adequate cover, indeed on October 11th last year London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson told Londoners ” “We are as prepared as ever to deal with this next round of strike action. It’s a shame that further action is being taken, but our contingency plan will kick in and we will be ready to deal with emergencies”.
Tell that to the owners of houses in Malpas Road in Hackney, a Hotel owner in Central London and Roulla and Dougie Spanos of Birkbeck Road in Enfield. All of whom feel let down by the contingency arrangements.
In October 2010 during a firefighters strike the family were left combing through ashes for personal possessions after their home was gutted in a fire. they said that the emergency fire cover organised by London Fire Brigade let them down.
Roulla and Dougie Spanos, of Birkbeck Road, said the efforts of the firefighters employed by private company Asset Co were “appalling and ludicrous”. (Asset Co have now been replaced by Securitas)
The cover was arranged by London Fire Brigade bosses to cover an eight-hour strike by regular firefighters in a dispute over shift patterns.
The Spanos’ house caught fire just before 5pm on Saturday and claimed they had to ring the 999 number six times and wait up 20 minutes before a fire engine arrived at the scene which had escalated from smoke to rising flames.
A second engine arrived shortly afterwards crewed by Emergency Fire Crew (EFC) personnel.
However, they did not even have the breathing apparatus that would have enabled them to fight the fire from the inside and instead had to squirt water on the blaze from the outside, while the family were forced to watch in horror as the fire grew resulting in the roof of their home collapsing.
Mrs Spanos said at the time that she wanted the public to know the truth about the “totally inadequate” emergency cover being provided and said the firefighters were not even able to aim the hose in the right direction.
When put under pressure by the horrified family, the fire officer in charge was alleged to have said “we are trying”.
The fire was eventually put out when the fire crews from Enfield, Tottenham and Chingford came off strike at 6pm and raced to the scene to bring the fire under control.
It follows a pledge from London Fire Brigade Commissioner Ron Dobson who promised residents every area of London would have adequate cover.
Images circulating social media seem to show that the Emergency Fire
Crews are still struggling with the basics of firefighting. One allegedly shows they could not even identify a street fire hydrant during one strike day, where they attempted to open a cable telephone ducking looking for the water supply. Another image shows breathing apparatus incorrectly worn, which firefighters say is not only putting the wearer at risk but colleagues too.
The Brigade’s legal duty.
In common with other UK fire and rescue services, the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority has a legal duty under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 to provide a fire and rescue service. The Fire Authority also has a duty under Section 2 of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 to plan for emergencies and that if an emergency occurs to take reasonable steps to make sure it is still able to continue to perform its functions.
In September 2013 Commissioner Dobson is quoted as saying ” we are prepared and our contingency fire service is ready to operate”.
Please, Please, share this, the public need to be kept informed. Thank you!

In the meantime some people are promoting Private companies to run public services and making public services less efficient, so they have an excuse in the future.

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