10 July National Strike. Fire Brigade Strike

Picture from TUC website

Picture from TUC.org.uk

Tomorrow is a Public Sector Workers Strike in the UK.

Of course there are hundreds of excuses from the Government in why not to Strike, but more than 1 Million public sector workers are to set to strike.

The Government is thinking in cutting the right to Strike even more, instead of talking to the country servants, and is pointing the finger at them and telling that the Tory manifesto is going to set a threshold on Union ballots…. “this is crazy people telling us what to do, we are the Bosses, what are they thinking of?” The party animals must be thinking of us.

Of course Firefighters are among the people striking tomorrow, and its the first day of a row of strikes days.

Firefighters from England and Wales, are going to strike next week from Monday the 14th till the 21st of July. It will be a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening. We now that the measures taking by the Government to protect us all when we strike are very very poor, but there is not other way after 3 years of negotiation.
Pay more, to work more and get less….. What do you think.

We are the first ones to put our Families at RISK, remember that.

We are here for the PEOPLE and We dont like to STRIKE.

Everything about the Fire Brigade Strike  its very well explained in the Union Website.

Click in this Link and read on

I also recommend reading the BBc News UK Politics section. See the picture

BBC News

BBC News

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