From off the run to On the Run


‘Off the run’ its a term widely use at the London Fire Brigade. It is keyed in the brigade terminology.
The expression comes from then old times, when our water pumps used to be run by horses and not by engines.
So if you had a horse injured you couldn’t used that bay or pump, so used to be said that that pump was ‘off the run’. Meaning that the horse can run, so we can’t use it for operational use.


LFB picture

So in our days we have an ‘off the run’ tape. This tape is use for any equipment that it’s faulty or not ready for action.
So I used this term for myself, as I wasn’t faulty but not able to perform my full duties. 
Now I am ready, proud and happy to be ready for action, a new chapter in my #FireLife is starting.

Lots has happened, which I will be posting here over the next few months, and lots more are going to happen.
I am taking the opportunity to thanks all of you for your support, you know who you all are, and also to my brigade @LondonFire LFB, for understanding my personal circumstances and support me all the way.


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