Parenthood and Identity

I Just became a father and something has changed in me. Nothing else than responsibility and awareness of my surroundings, nothings else than happiness for a littles human being that life every minute to the limit of his capabilities. Unaware of his mobility restrictions, unaware of his lack of verbal communication, he is splendid in every thing he does. Every day he is a bit older and he is gaining perks in his live. He really value them.
He clings to life the same way he hang on to my finger to slowly rise from the bed.
#BeYourBest is what I am learning from him……

Thoughts of a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Does being a parent make one more invested in the future?  It may do,  on the flipside of that opinion is the fact it could make you only interested in your own progeny’s future at the expense of all others.

Does being childless make a person less worried about the future? It may do, on the flipside it could make you more motivated to build a different kind of legacy in the world.

What I do know is that generalisations and attempts at one upmanship based on flimsy unprovable summations is wrong, shows a significant lack of awareness and will crumble at the most cursory examination.

All lives matter, everyone has value. The second that any stigmatisation of any group happens, moral high ground disappears.

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