Qualified doesn’t mean capable. Got humility?

Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center

Castle Rock Fire, Ketchum, ID, 2007

If you are Division qualified does that mean you should be able to handle ANY Division ANYWHERE in ANY conditions?  What happens when our abilities don’t line up with the situation – regardless of quals?

How do you react when you see someone hesitating?  How should you react?  Here’s a tip, be kind.  There is most likely a reason for the hesitation.  Find out what it is, then you can discuss if it’s warranted.

Do you know enough to hesitate?  This is called humility – try it.

Consider all this while reading this piece.

Experience vs. Qualified vs. Skills vs. Ability

By Kipp Morrill – State Aviation Manager & Fire Program Safety, BLM California

We are firefighters. We are doers. We make things happen.

It’s why we became firefighters.

We are a “can do” group of people. So when someone asks us to do something, our first reaction is “When…

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