This is a personal Blog from Me, Niko @nikofire from London for you where ever you are.

This year I´m taking a personal Challenge to become a better Firefighter and a better healthier and over all fitter person.

I am a fireman in London although I am originally from Granada Spain to be precise.

I moved to london 7 years ago to work in one of the more challenging and exiting cities in the world.

So, this year the World Firefighter Games are being held in Sydney. An amazing city on the other side of the world.

My brother, Ivan and his beautiful Family (Angie, Olivia y Oskar) life over there.

After coming of  an injury in early January and with the games in Ozzyland my goal is to raise money for two charities (see Fun-Raising) while training to be a better climber to win in Sydney.

I have never competed in my live although I have been climbing for many years

My competition is on the 20th of October and on the 21st I hope to celebrate the winning of a Medal  and also my


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